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Choosing a package of coaching suppport

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Choosing a package

The choice of package that best suits you depends upon where you are on your Chrysalis Effect recovery journey. This is something that we will talk through in your Discovery Session.

Are you new to the Chrysalis Effect, or have not yet joined, and looking for an experienced companion to walk alongside you throughout the journey?

Are you confident in your recovery journey, but would like less frequent, but regular pit stops to check your bearings, identify your next steps, set yourself some accountability, and boost your confidence?

Have you been going solo on your Chrysalis Effect journey for a while, but have hit a rough patch or plateau and need an extra boost with an experienced guide?

If you are interested in working with me alongside The Chrysalis Effect online recovery programme, click on the button in the side bar that best describes you.

But I really only need a couple of sessions, not a whole package

You might be new to the Chrysalis Effect, but have spent years working with a range of therapists and feel that you are looking for that final boost. You may be looking to identify the 'one thing' you have missed to get you 'over the line'.

My personal experience, and The Chrysalis Effect's years of working with thousands of recoverers, shows that full recovery requires a full, holistic review, leading to changes in all 8 areas of your life. You will also need all the support and encouragement available through TCE's Facebook Forum. Recovery is not a journey to make alone. Learning that accepting help and support is a sign of strength, not weakness, is a fundamental step on the recovery journey.

If you are still convinced that there is one more thing to try, you are probably in phase three of recovery, still looking for an external cause – 'What did this to me?' It can be hard to make the vital shift into phase four, in which you can recognise and work on the internal factors driving your symptoms – 'How did I get like this and how do I get out of it?'.

I am happy to work with you to make that vital transition into phase four, but this will require a willingness to work through the whole programme and to book one of my packages.

Why don't you offer one-off sessions?

As you explore my packages, you will notice that I do not offer one-off sessions.

This is because recovery takes time and a commitment to prioritising your own health above all else. There is no quick fix cure that can be achieved in a single session, or even a couple of sessions.

As a coach I will:
  • Help you to understand the aspects of your life that are contributing to your specific symptoms.
  • Help you to develop a really compelling vision of the future that you want for yourself, and to set your milestone goals along the way.
  • Help you to identify the steps you need to take to reach your goals.
  • Offer guidance and support on the inevitable bumps on the road. Relapse is a vital learning tool in recovery!

The focus here is on the work that you will do, not on ways in which I will fix you. That requires commitment on your part over the time it takes to really embed both your learning and the changes you decide to make.

Working in packages also ensures that you have the support you need in place during those down times, when your sabotage gremlins are likely to persuade you that it’s not worth booking another session. One-off sessions are the road to drifting away and wasting all that you have already invested.
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