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Terms and conditions

Before purchasing a package, please read these terms and conditions.

You will be asked to confirm that you have read and accepted these when you book a package through the booking page.

Scope of wellbeing coaching sessions

  • I have sought medical opinion, diagnosis and advice about my condition. I understand that a trauma informed wellbeing coach / recovery specialist uses coaching and complementary therapies, and is not conventionally medically trained.
  • I understand that my practitioner, Alison McGrath, has undergone training to specialise in the field of trauma informed wellbeing coaching and recovery, and is an accredited Chrysalis Effect specialist practitioner.
  • I understand that this specialist coaching is designed to accompany the Chrysalis Effect Online Recovery Programme, and is only available to clients who are working through that programme. I agree to be open with Alison if I am having difficulties with my online sessions, and to notify her if I decide to withdraw from the programme.
  • I agree to inform Alison if I begin working with other practitioners, in order to ensure that my support is well co-ordinated.


Alison McGrath works within a team of accredited Chrysalis Effect practitioners, offering a wide range of specialisms. She does not work with people in acute medical or psychiatric crisis, but can refer on to colleagues or agencies with the specialism you need. If you are unsure whether Alison is the practitioner for you, please do ask and she can signpost or refer you if necessary.

  • I understand that Alison may recommend appropriate referrals for testing or treatment with other practitioners to ensure a fully holistic approach for my wellbeing goals. These practitioners charge their own fees, which are not covered by the payments made to Campsie Coaching.
  • I understand that my sessions with Alison may need to be paused while I work with another practitioner, and this will be discussed and agreed by all concerned.
  • I understand that in some cases Alison may signpost me to work with a different type of intervention or support to ensure that I am aware of the most effective pathway for my wellbeing.

Open and honest communication

Trauma Informed wellbeing coaching may at times feel challenging, and it may be appropriate for Alison to ask permission to be honest and challenge a belief or behaviour that she believes may be preventing your recovery. This will be done supportively and with respect, and permission will be asked before a challenge is made.

  • I agree to inform Alison if I am having any difficulties with the sessions, so that I get the appropriate support.

My commitment to my recovery

  • I understand that the outcome of my coaching sessions will depend on my commitment to engaging with the online programme, and my following through on the actions I commit to taking towards my goals. I understand that Alison is not responsible for delivering my recovery, but is there to offer specialist guidance and support as I heal.
  • I understand that I may be required to commit to read/listen to recommended information, or work through recommended exercises between sessions, to support my progress in my wellbeing goals. The nature and timing of these activities will be agreed within the sessions.

Location and frequency of consultations and support

  • I understand that consultations with Alison will take place on Zoom, unless agreed otherwise. Home visits, or in-person sessions at Alison’s office may be available to clients living within the Glasgow area, subject to agreement of travelling costs.
  • I understand that support in between consultations will take place via email, or Zoom. I agree to the number of catch up calls and emails included in the package I purchase.
  • I understand that a commitment to supporting her own health and wellbeing lies at the heart of Alison’s ability to sustain her work in supporting me and others. I understand that this means my emails may not be read and responded to immediately, particularly if they are received out of normal office hours, or are particularly long and complex. Alison commits to keeping her clients informed of any holiday periods and includes her office hours in her email signature and out-of-office responses.

Cancellations and re-scheduling

  • I understand that, in the unlikely event of Alison’s illness or incapacity, consultations may be conducted by another fully accredited trauma informed wellbeing coach practitioner, who is trained in the same or a similar specialist field.
  • I understand that if I need to re-schedule or cancel an appointment or session with Alison I will inform her, giving at least 24 hours’ notice. Similarly, she will endeavour to provide me with at least 24 hours’ notice if the appointment or session needs to be re-scheduled.
  • I agree to abide by any cancellation terms and conditions. Refunds, or re-scheduling for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, or missed without notification, are at Alison’s discretion.
  • I understand that, when I purchase a wellbeing coaching package, payments made in advance are non-refundable. If I am unable to commit to the agreed number of sessions, I may choose to freeze the remaining sessions until such time as I am ready to resume them.
  • I understand that cancellation of the recovery package may be accepted if I am dissatisfied with the service provided, with a 30-day notification period required. Any unused portion of the balance will be refunded, less an administration fee of £150.

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Download the terms and conditions to print and read off-screen.

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