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  • I just wanted to thank you also for a really helpful coaching programme- it was amazing to see how it is put in to practice and to feel it helping :-) You have some very practical tips and advice, are a wealth of helpful information, and have a gentle manner that is very easy to communicate with. Lena
  • Your 'presence' feels more like a vital friend on the sidelines, who understands what's happening and can encourage me and share something of the journey with me...I need that. Kate

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  • Your presentation was extremely well received. You spoke openly and with the authority of experience, your words carrying the weight of authenticity yet delivered in a calm, measured way which brought insight and learning out of what was undoubtedly the messy and painful reality of living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. It took courage to speak of your own experience so openly and fully. You also outlined the underlying research and growing body of knowledge which was ideal for the audience. In the conversations which followed, your presentation clearly ‘rang true’ for delegates on a personal level for some and professionally for all. We later found parish nurses had reflected on your words and started sharing their own experiences. Thank you for your honest and mesmerising presentation. Parish Nursing Ministries UK, Sue Bretherick, CEO, Anne Taylor, Director of Nursing



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