What Makes my Offering Unique?

What makes my offering unique?

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What makes my offering as a Chrysalis Effect practitioner unique is the wrap around support and protocols within The Chrysalis Effect Online Recovery Programme.

  • The first ever holistic online recovery programme.
  • Focuses on causes not symptoms.
  • Developed by those who have fully recovered.
  • Supports you step by step through the key areas to regaining your health - 8 elements and 6 phases.
  • Gives you hope, faith and belief that recovery is absolutely possible.
  • GPs signpost to The Chrysalis Effect.
  • Several NHS pilots completed.

What's in the programme?
  • Interviews with experts such as Patrick Holford, Dr Patricia Worby PhD, Dr Alison Sabine.
  • Inspirational recovery stories.
  • Practical coaching tools and breakthrough exercises to move you through the 6 phases of recovery.
  • Positive Support forum with recovered peers and experts to answer questions, available 24/7.
  • Advice and support for carers.

How is it delivered?
On your own members' online platform.
Sessions released every two weeks.
Touch Base videos in between sessions.
Downloadable and printable sessions.
Audio interviews.
Personal video message from founder, Elaine Wilkins.
Members area.
24/7 access to content.

The Chrysalis Effect online recovery programme offers a 30-day free trial then a monthly subscription of £37.50 *

*This fee is subject to change but is correct as of February 2023. There is no contract, so you are free to cancel your subscription to the programme at any time. However, a commitment to actively engaging with the programme is necessary if you work with me as your specialist practitioner.
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