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The 'Support Across the Miles' Package 2

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This package is designed for clients who have completed the ‘Support Across the Miles’ package 1 and feel ready to reduce the number of emails to a single weekly contact.

Time frame: 12 weeks

You will receive:
One detailed email response a week to your check in email, which we will set for the same agreed day each week.

As with the Support Across the Miles package 1, our correspondence will be guided by the principles of wellbeing coaching, and I will offer you support, guidance, accountability, and an honest and supportive external perspective on whatever you share with me.

For an additional fee, you can supplement this package with one-off, hour long zoom calls if or when you feel able, and need additional contact.  Please contact me to negotiate the timing and cost of these as they will be outside of my normal office hours.
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Photo courtesy of Unsplash
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