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The 'Booster' package

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Have you been going solo on your Chrysalis Effect journey for a while, but have hit a rough patch or plateau? Do you need to review your baggage and map and receive a boost on your way with an experienced traveller?

Time frame: 6–9 months

You will receive:
9 x 1 hour, 1:1 consultations.
6 x 15 minute touch-base sessions.
2 x email responses per month.
A free gift when you set out.

At some point on the recovery journey you are likely to reach a plateau, or experience a major setback, which leaves you wondering if it has all been a waste of time. This is absolutely normal! It is at these times that some experienced support can make all the difference,

I can help you to:

  • Look back down the hill to recognise and celebrate how far you have really come.

  • Review what you have done so far, and identify any gaps or areas you have skipped through.

  • Review the baggage you are carrying, and choose what you really want to take onwards.

  • Review your destination and develop a really compelling vision of your future to motivate you in these final stages of your journey.
* This refers to detailed emails requesting further guidance, rather than to brief emails relating to organising your consultations. Writing these responses can take significant time, which I need to factor into my working day, so I need to place some boundary on this aspect of my work.
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Photo courtesy of Unsplash
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