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Nursing, An Addiction

Have you ever asked why me? I’m a nurse, not a patient, so why am I stuck here in a haze of exhaustion, pain and brain fog? Have you considered that you may be ill because you didn’t care for one key person – you? In this blog I explore how the roots of chronic exhaustive conditions often lie deep in the very childhood experiences that drew us into the caring professions.

Googling for Answers

Exhausted, incapacitated, desperate for answers and trapped in an internet search loop? You are not alone and there are answers – just not in Google.

Finding Sisters in Recovery

How often have you been told that, ‘We know so little about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ME, Long Covid’ and that you must learn to adapt, not hope? Recovery begins in the belief that there is hope, that there are answers. It ends with membership of a tribe who wake with a sense of wonder every morning at the great gift of life and movement and joy. I continue to find members of my tribe in the most surprising of places and times.

Recovery Begins With Stillness

A successful journey begins with stillness – orientation, planning – not with a headlong rush along the nearest path. Your recovery journey is no different, so you will need to begin your journey by learning to stop.

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I have categorised my blogs by the 8 segments of the wheel of life, as identified by The Chrysalis Effect. All 8 of these areas need to be addressed and balanced for effective healing and sustained good health.

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