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Freedom From Chronic Fatigue, ME, Fibromyalgia and Long Covid Through Recovery Coaching

Has your life been turned upside down by a condition such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ME, post-viral syndrome, or long Covid? 

These conditions take active, busy people like you, who take pride in being independent and reliable. They leave you exhausted, brain fogged, in pain, and maybe even completely dependent on others for your income and basic daily care.  Add to this a wide range of apparently unconnected symptoms –  IBS, numbness and tingling, migraines, extreme sensitivity, and many others – and it’s a confusing, devastating, and often shame inducing experience.

I know, because I have been there.

…and you can find out more about my journey from being bed-bound to climbing the Campsie Fells here.

New Webinar with Alison McGrath: Is Recovery Possible?

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What is recovery? Is it really possible? This is a contentious issue, reflecting different perspectives on health and illness, curing and healing. In a new Chrysalis Effect webinar, Alison joins a team of Chrysalis Effect practitioners, who have all fully recovered from CFS/ME and/or fibromyalgia, to explore the debates and the evidence that underpins a bio-psycho-social approach to recovery.

Visit the Curing versus Healing page to watch.

Causes, Cures, Healing and Recovery

You will probably have been told by your doctors that the causes of your condition are poorly understood and there is no cure. After the initial relief of diagnosis, you have been left to ‘manage’ your symptoms with little or no support and no hope.  Your hope may even have been deliberately squashed in a misguided attempt to help you ‘adjust’ to your new identity as a ‘sufferer’.

Take heart, recovery is absolutely possible and many people, like me, have achieved full recovery.

While it is true that the medical model cannot provide either explanations for your symptoms or a cure, that does not mean that there is no hope of healing and recovery.

Medicine sees you as a collection of bodily systems and symptoms and attempts to diagnose and treat those symptoms separately, with little interest in their underlying causes. In contrast, the bio-psycho-social approach to health that I use takes in all aspects of you as a whole person. We will explore every aspect, from your hormones and mitochondrial energy metabolism to your emotional health, relationships, beliefs, values and drivers. Together we will identify all the deep root causes of your symptoms and I will support you to make the changes that will allow you to heal from within.

For more on the difference between a passive cure and active healing, click here.

As a Chrysalis Effect specialist practitioner, and as an ILM accredited wellbeing coach, I am trained to support people through their recovery from chronic exhaustive conditions. I also draw on my personal experience of recovery from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and a wealth of work and life experiences, to support you through your own recovery journey.

My goal is to help you find your way to feeling on top of the world.

I head up a team of trauma informed practitioners, working alongside an online recovery programme, The Chrysalis Effect, to help you regain your health and vitality, and to begin building a wonderful new life as the person you have always wanted to be.

Together, we will identify exactly where you are in the phases of recovery, systematically address all 8 key areas of your life to release your symptoms, and tailor a unique online programme to support you step-by-step, shortcutting your journey back to health and vitality.

What do I offer?

My role is to walk alongside you as a guide and cheerleader through the ups and downs of your recovery journey. I offer my wealth of experience, knowledge, and coaching skills to keep your recovery on track.

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So what do I do now?

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Wellbeing coaching and The Chrysalis Effect Online Recovery programme are not an alternative for the treatment of acute medical conditions. If you have not yet sought medical advice for your symptoms, please do see your GP to rule out any conditions that may require medical treatment.
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