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The 'Keeping My Feet' package

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This is the package for you if you have completed the online recovery programme, but are still embedding the changes you have made and revisiting areas you know need more work.

Time frame:12 months

You will receive:

6x 1 hour sessions
5 x 15 minute touch-base support calls between sessions
Email support – 1 email per month*
A free gift when you sign up.

This package is designed to support you through phase 5 – learning how to avoid relapses – into the confidence of phase 6 and full recovery.

You may still be learning how to listen to your body, and feel as if you are on a tightrope, afraid of falling off whichever way you go. Achieving balance sounds so easy but…!

Completing the online recovery programme will have given you all the tools you need, both to achieve full recovery and to sustain a balanced and healthy life in the future. However, it takes time to learn how to really embed these tools in your life. That's why we don't consider ourselves to have achieved phase 6, full recovery, before we have experienced a full 12 months without relapses.

Even then, life doesn't stop throwing curve balls at you, but once you reach phase 6 you will be stronger and have the tools to face life with resilience and self-compassion. Many of us who have recovered fully still review the programme sessions as a kind of MOT, especially when we're handling a tough time.

Through this package, I offer a regular check in to steady those wobbles and work on your last few steps to a wonderful, new, healthy life, full of purpose and joy.

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash
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